remove someone from snapchat group

How to remove someone from snapchat group chat – Kick out from snapchat group

Snapchat is now one of the famous social media platforms. This is the most popular platform after Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat famous for their camera and face filter future its make more attractive for snapchat.

And now snapchat increase their future and make to group or chat room. Snapchat includes stickers,never and streaming, and much more future.

Now days snapchat 187 million active daily users and make its stronger to social media.

How we can make a Group in snapchat?

Create a group in snapchat select create group and select person who you want to add in this group and click on create button and choose the best name for your group and make it. This is easy to create group in snapchat.

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How to remove someone from snapchat group chat

Now, Sanpchat has not to option to remove or kick out friend from snapchat group. Because snapchat say u can’t want to group so leave group but can’t remove someone. So we can’t remove someone from the group chat or any chat room.

So now not available kick out option but in new update, I guess snapchat include kick out or remove option.

how to remove someone from snapchat group

Now make snapchat up to date and wait for new future. aslo visit snapchat official site

Final word:

We get any update from snapchat so we update this article and any query or question so feel free and comment down. We will reply as soon as possible.


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