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How to remove someone from snapchat group chat – 2019

Snapchat recently added a new feature make group and. This allows snapchat users make group and chat with their both friends to create group and provide more feature.

The group chat is easy to send a message on one click this is very popular and most famous in the social media platform to connect many people in on chat or messages. But snapchat limit group member of 16. You can only add sixteen people of group.

This future launch and problem is create how to remove someone in snapchat group chat because some by mistake add and some one we don’t add in over group so we can remove it.

How to create a group in snapchat?

So, this is easy way to create group. First of just open chat and hit on + symbol location top left type name and select people to join in this group and hit right button so your chat room has been created. And ready for the chat.

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How to remove someone from snapchat group chat?

Their snapchat giving an update and add button remove friend so we can remove or kik friend in this group. Any boddy can remove or kik out. Even uyou are not admin so don’t warry about that you can also remove from chat room. Click here to official site of snapchat

Final word:

Now, snapchat giving every day new update so you can update your snapchat and make sure you can remove friend from your group. Any doubt or problem

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