how to delete phone pe transaction history

How to delete phone pe transaction history – delete all transaction history

how to delete phone pe transaction history
clear phone pe transaction history

Phone pe is a payment app. This app provides UPI transaction and recharge, bill payment, bus booking, flight booking and more.

 you want your transaction history delete on phone pe app so you are right place. This article all about phone pe transaction history.

Must you know first your phone pe account password remember because this is needed to clear phone pe history?

Steps to follow for clear history:

  1. Login in your phone pe account
  2. Go to transaction history
  3. Click on which history you want to delete
  4. Now go to “delete transaction history” [ Old Version ]
  5. Generate ticket and go to help section [ new version ]
  6. Write “ I want this transaction history clear for some personal problem so please this history hide on my profile “
  7. Submit this message
  8. Wait for reply ( 1-2Hr Max )
  9. Now check your history now hide
  10. If that not hide –delete phone account permanently and make again
  11. 2-3 days after make again
  12. So your history is clear
  13. Otherwise, make a new account with different number must use second number
  14. Thanks

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Now day’s phone pe is very secure so phone pe does not allows to delete phone pe history and recharge history but u chat with phone pe customer care so you can hide this for some time.

phone pe history clear or delete

We try out to reach phone pe customer care they now process for this hidden future and help to customers. Subscribe our YouTube channel for a new update from phone pe

Final word:

Phone pe app is now flip card so for some safety and security purpose there reason not allow to clear anything from phone pe. But you can delete your phone pe account and make again so all history has been clear. We on Twitter

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