How to delete Google Pay transaction history or chat 2020 – Latest Trick

Google is now spending in a digital wallet and officially known as Google Pay. Tez is now known as Google pay. Google pay threw transfer money zero convocation fees and it’s giving scratch card each transaction so it’s nowadays popular.

We Got comments about how to we clear or delete google pay transaction history so, we clear it and i hope your question is solved out.

We have not a way to delete transaction history too physically in your bank account but in mobile google pay transaction, history has clear in only app.

And also nice and most useful tricks of Google pay’s is check bank balance. It’s very popular. This Step introduces to Clear google pay history:

Also, read this interaction from google: Google payment Most Useful Trick: Make new google email id and add account in google pay app it will not show purchases history. When you show old history so login again your old account.

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This Step of Delete transaction history:

1. Open This Link

2. Choose Data & personalization Form Left Side  Menu.

3. Activity and timeline Select >>

4. Drop Down and Select “My Activity”.

  • Google history delete

5. Select “Delete activity by” in Left side menu.

6. Select Date – You want to delete those date select.

7. Select between dates of clear history of Google pay Or Lifetime history Select.

8. ”Select Product” in ‘Google Pay’.

9. Drop down and Click delete Button.

10. Conform Selected dates history delete.

11. Your History within 10 or 30 minutes.

12. Sometimes take longer time waited for 24h. And see again.

13. Enjoy You history clear in your account.

We tried this trick 1 Month ago and this is clear successfully so we write about that now but some menu changes now so you can found in above link.

How to delete google pay transaction history

If now not clear History so Change google email id in your google pay account see their latest tricks for clear your transaction history.

Final Word:

Google pay says some security purpose we cannot clear your transaction history or chat. But in future we launched how to clear history in our official blog.


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