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How to Change Mobile Number in SBI Bank Account – 2019

You are looking for how to change number in SBI without visit bank or any long process so this article can help you.

There we discussed 3 methods for change your number fast and easily.

Method 1: Change mobile number in SBI via Net Banking

Step 1: Log on SBI online

Step 2: Login Your Account with your id and password

Step 3: Select the Profile option from menu bar.

change mobile number in sbi online
how to change mobile number in sbi

Step 4: Click on “Personal Details”.

Step 5: Enter your profile password ( different to you login id password)

Step 6: Click on The – change mobile number-domestic only ( Through OTP/ATM/Contact center)

howw to change sbi number online
online change mobile number

Step 7: Now go on “create new request”

Step 8: Enter your new mobile number twice.

sbi mobile number change online
how to change number without old number

Step 9: Submit OTP (OTP received in old number)

(If your old number is not available now so you can do approval via ATM and Contact Center)

how to change mobile number in sbi bank account

Method 2: Change mobile number via SBI ATM

Visit nearest SBI atm and follow these steps:

  1. Swipe your card
  2. Click on “ registration” option
  3. Enter your atm PIN
  4. Select Change mobile number Option.
  5. First, enter your old mobile number
  6. After entering your new mobile number twice
  7. OTP received in old number and new number submit OTP in ATM.

This method takes time 4-5h maximum and sometimes it takes a long time.

Method 3: change number in SBI saving via the Contact Centre

Go on Contact center online portal and select their option to change mobile number enter your personal details and generate a reference number

Within 3 days you got a phone call via SBI and talk about change mobile number and he/she asked your personal details. But giving personal details conform to your ref. number and verify that call from SBI.

After you submitted all details then your number changes within 1-2h.

Final Word:

Please take care before submitting a mobile number Or OTP. Conform that is an original site or any other factor. You can Face any problem in change bank details or mobile numbers so comment down.


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