jio router password change

How to Change Jiofi Password – Change Jio Router Password 2019

Technology has made our life smoother and faster. We can’t imagine our life without technology. Internet is the main tool that helps us to connect. With the help of the internet, we can do any online work such as registration, a transaction in a short time. Nowadays Internet service becomes more affordable and earlier days there is only one option for internet i.e. broadband connection.  Now you just to have a Wi-Fi device to connect with the web. JioFi is a good example.

jio router password change
jio router password change

What is jiofi?

JioFi is a portable device that can be placed into the smartphone and laptops to access 4G Internet services. But due to heavy accessibility, the speed of the internet may reduce.  So, it is important to know how to change JioFi password to keep your device secure and not allow other users to access your network.

If you are a new user of JioFi, then it is advisable that set a new password for your new device. If you are already using JioFi , then it is evident that you have already shared a connection with others. It is important to reset your password often, sometimes you have to configure Jiofy router or dongle.

How to change it?

Turn on the device:

First, we need to turn on the JioFi and you will find the name of the network and the password at the back of the device box or under the battery of the device. Generally, Username and password are set to administrator.

Connect your JioFi to your Device( A Laptop, Mobile Phone e.t.c.)

To connect your JioFi To your Laptop or Mobile first you need to visit on your wireless settings and type administrator in both WiFi name and password.

Find the configuration of an interface on a web browser

After making the connection we need to open any web browser. Then we need to type “http://jiofi.local.html“  on the address bar to access the local domain. If you are using JioFi Dongle then you need to visit “jiodongle.local.html” and press enter to land on the JioFi settings manager page.

Login to the interface

After visiting the page you need to click on login. Login is located at the top right corner of the page. Then you will have to enter the username and password and you can use the default username and password ‘Administrator’.

Change the wifi password

After landing the page, we need to find a network and then click on it. Then you will get the wifi configuration. After clicking on it, you will get the Secure Key. Then you need to enter your password and save it. Once you reset your password, all the devices that are previously connected with your network will be disconnected. They will have to reconnect with your device by using a new password.

Again it is advisable that you need to often change your JioFi password to secure your network and it is also suggested that make a strong password with the combination of upper case, lower case, letters, and symbols.

Changing Default SSID

After securing your JioFi password you can also customize your network name. You can use professional, personal or any funky name for your network. To change Network name, you need to click on Network again. Then you need to visit the Wi-Fi configuration. Then find the Network Name(SSID) field and enter the name as per your choice. Again all the devices that are connected with this network would be disconnected and again they need to be reconnected.

Change the JioFi device password and login ID

To block the interference of other devices to your network, it is suggested to secure your device again. You can able to do it by changing the default ID and password to the interface. To do this while you are in the interface, you need to visit User Management. enter a new username and a password and then confirm it and save it. This process will help you to become the only manager of your device.

Reset your device to factory default

Sometime system errors or forget password may occur. This is very common to Jio router. If you have this issue. Then you need to follow some steps.

  • Switch on your device
  • Open the back cover.
  • Find reset. It is generally located beside the WPS button.
  • With the help of a pin press and then hold for 30 see.
  • You need to wait until your Jio router starts blinking.
  • To connect your jio router again click on any web browser and visit https://jiofi.local.html to set your password and SSID.

It is important to keep your network secure and changing your password is not just only solution you also need to know how to change JioFi password and reset your device.


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  3. Nice, It is important to be familiar with to keep it secure since this device could be accessed by multiple users. It’s been my problem before and the best solution to this is doing a hard reset, which I found when I research online. Keeping your network secure is important and changing passwords habitually is recommended.

  4. Nice article, to keep it secure since this device could be accessed by multiple users. It’s been my problem before and the best solution to this is doing a hard reset, which I found when I research online. Keeping your network secure is important and changing passwords habitually is recommended.

  5. Very well said, It is important to be familiar with how to change to keep it secure since this device could be accessed by multiple users. It’s been my problem before and the best solution to this is doing a hard reset, which I found when I research online. Keeping your network secure is important and changing passwords habitually is recommended.

  6. Really its a informative article because as a new user of a router you need to change the password for the network security. Network Security system must be updated due to the internal security. Overall i must say its very useful article.

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