1000+ Best Comment for Boy Pic on Instagram – Latest Cool Comment – 2020

Best comment for the picture of Boy on Social Media

Being admired is something that we all love a lot. Not only the girls but boys also like it when it come to complement. Right completes can also make them smile. But the world is so busy commenting on the girls so hard people realize that boys also need attention.

So let’s give some attention to the boys who really deserve it.

Best Comment on Boys Picture

As we have already noticed that boys are not getting the attention in this world of social media. So lets spare some time for them also. They are not only beauty admirer but also beautiful souls. Here is the list of the comments for attractive boys.

  • Super look.
  • Innocent look.
  • Classy eyes.
  • Killer pose.
  • My strong and powerful dude.
  • Always smart.
  • Sizzling and smart dude.
  • Super cool.
  • Wow looking, handsome buddy.
  • Irresistible!
  • Combo of strong and powerful.
  • This suite is so stunning.

Attractive comments on Boys picture on Instagram

When you are commenting on the picture of the guy you knew that it will not be like a girl because both have different categories.  Here is the list of some attractive comments on the picture of the guy.

  • This is so cool.
  • Such a tempting picture.
  • This is called a perfect shot.
  • You are a cool dude in this hot summer.
  • Such a slayer you are.
  • The king born to rule.
  • Lion of the World.
  • Such gorgeous eyes.
  • Handsome as always.
  • Girs made for your brother.
  • Which girl is standing behind you?
  • Boss.
  • The rockstar of the gang.
  • You should try modeling.
  • Look at those biceps.
  • Your charm is irrespirable
  • You are my stronghold.
  • You are so seductive.

Best comment for the Picture of Boy you love

Not only the girls but boys also love to get a lovely proposal from the girl. It may happen that you may fall in love with the cool dude of the college campus or your colleague but you can not speak because you are so silent type of girl. so just get him on the social media and try your luck before anybody else could snatch your charming prince away from you.

  • Your style is impeccable.
  • You are real gentleman this lady wanna be yours?
  • This charming prince is mine.
  • Can you be your princess?
  • Your deep brown eyes are skipping my heartbeats.
  • Hey mister, Can I have your last name?
  • You are the thief of my heart give it back. or be mine.
  • You are my cup of tea.
  • My strong, powerful and smart dude.
  • Now I can road around carelessly because these biceps of you are capable to protect me.

Cool comment for the Boys’ picture on Facebook

We do not comment on the picture of boys like we do with the girls. Girls post used be flooded with so many attractive comments while in the case of the boys not everybody comments. Even their comments used to be very short and regular so we need to improve because everybody deserved attention. Here is a list of compliments you can try on the picture of your buddies when they upload the picture.

  • Cool
  • Tender
  • Hot
  • Mind-blowing pic
  • Romantic king.
  • Impressive pic.
  • This picture is lit.
  • Partner in crime.
  • Handsome as always.
  • Loving.
  • You are fearless.
  • Amazing.
  • Your smile….Killer.
  • One day I will die because I look at this killer everyday.
  • Your love is devine.
  • Courageous.

Funny comment for the picture of the Boy

  • King without a kingdom.
  • Love your style not you.
  • Cool as a coolie.
  • My Goalkeeper.
  • Be my Bodyguard.
  • Killer to kill yourself.
  • My cute Cinderella
  • Ice cold.

Best comment on the picture of a boy to start a conversation.

When you want to start the conversation direct message of hii will not leave any impression on the person so give some fresh message to impress your prince charming. Give a try to this list.

  • Hi, Handsome.
  • Hey Smarty.
  • Hey Hero.
  • Hi Hard-working soul.
  • Dashing.
  • Hi, My Cupid.
  • Hey, Stunning king.

So here is the list of the complements for boys you can try it for your loved one. Boys also loved it to being admired by others. Make them happy and spread the smile. Leave your good impression and find your better half.s


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  2. s we have already noticed that boys are not getting the attention in this world of social media. So lets spare some time for them also.
    The mentality you were showing towards boys is appreciable. Such appreciation will be always be positive vibe for them.

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